AutoTips Gas Milage Page- Tips for using less fuel.

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The Basics:

What affects how much fuel your vehicle uses.

  • The type of vehicle.
  • Miles driven.
  • Your driving habits.
  • Condition of vehicle -- some things you can change, some you can not.
  • Fuel
  • Weather
  • Some tips for improving m.p.g. or using less fuel.

  • Start by keeping a log of your fuel used, including miles per gallon. ( See the example below) 
      Benefits of a log --

  • The Factors That Effect Your Fuel Economy    

    Example Log (A small notebook from an office supply store can be kept in the glove compartment for the log. )

    Date Odometer Cost Gallons Fuel Type Station MPG Comments                
    4/1/00 24,100 14.39 10.0 UL + XYZ Oil Co. @ hwy exit 24.2 Fill Up - Gauge showed 1/2
    4/8/00 24,475 20.63 13.76 UL + Energy Oil Co.
    1st & Main
    27.3 Fill Up- Gauge showed 1/4
    To & from work driving
    4/15/00 24,785 15.70 10.2 UL + Energy Oil Co. 30.4 Fill Up - gauge between 1/4 & 1/2
    To & from work.
    Tried accelerating easier since last fill.

    To Calculate Miles Per Gallon take

    {Current Odometer Reading - Last Odometer Reading) / Gallons used since last fill up.

    From the example above for the last two rows

    (24,785 - 24,475) = 310 miles driven on the tank since the last fill up.

    310 miles / 10.2 gallons used = 30.4 miles / gallon

    Note this only works properly using fill up to fill up, since putting less than a fill up would not tell how much fuel was used to arrive at the same reference point.

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