AutoTips Turn signal tips:

Turn signals working erratically or not working? If only one side is not working, check for burned out light bulbs. The flasher sometimes will blink very fast or very slow (or not at all) if a bulb is burned out. If you need to replace a bulb, you may notice grease on the base of the bulb. This is what some auto manufactures put around the base to prevent corrosion. It keeps moisture from being trapped in the socket, and rusting the bulb in place. Regular automotive grade grease, (some recommend lithium based) will work as a replacement. Coat the base of the bulb with a film of grease. It will not electrically insulate the bulb, the metal will make contact through the grease, as long as it is not too thick.

    If both left & right are not working properly, the most common failure is the flasher unit. These are often in a small round metal can, and can be picked up at most auto stores for around $2 or $3. They plug into a socket, and if you can find the socket, are usually not too much trouble to replace. If your turn signal is at least partially working, you may be able to turn your ignition key to the on position, but not start the car, and with the turn signal on, listen for where the clicking is. Some cars put them on or by the fuse block, others may dangle from a connector on the end of wires.